At the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show, Fratello Cigars will introduce new packaging for the  Fratello and Fratello Bianco lines. As a part of the new packaging, the Fratello line has been rebranded Fratello Classico.

The new packaging will have a style more in-line with the Fratello Oro and Fratello Navetta offerings. While there is new packaging for Fratello Classico and Fratello Bianco, all of the blends remain the same.

In a press release, Omar de Frias, owner of Fratello Cigars commented, “We had envisioned this change a long time ago. When our customers placed their orders, they would always refer to the original blend as the classic. Fratello Classico and Fratello Bianco’s new packaging will be featured at this year’s IPCPR.”

Photo Credit: Fratello Cigars