One of the strategic alliances in the cigar industry that has seemed to work very well is the one between Davidoff of Geneva and S.T. Dupont, where Davidoff has been the exclusive distributor for S.T. Dupont products. While S.T. Dupont is known for its ultra-premium cigar accessories, the company plays in the luxury consumer goods market producing items such as pens, leather goods, cuff links, belts, and many other items. S.T. Dupont provides the perfect balance of art with innovation – something that works very well with its distribution partner Davidoff.

At this year’s IPCPR, S.T. Dupont was once again part of the Davidoff booth. While the company showcased more than just its cigar accessories, for the most part we will focus on the items and collections related to cigars.

First up is the S.T. Dupont Limited Edition 007 Collection. It’s a line inspired by the motion picture character James Bond, also known as Agent 007. The collection includes the 007 branded versions of S.T. Dupont’s MiniJet and Ligne 2 lighters. In addition, there will be 007 branded versions of Line D Fountain Pen, Rollerball, and Ballpoint pens

There is also a special 007 Collector Set. It features a Ligne 2 Lighter in a yellow gold finish, Line D Fountain Pen & Roller Set (yellow gold), S.T. Dupont Cufflinks, 007 Cigar Cutter and an S.T. Dupont 7CC Wallet.

Later this year, S.T. Dupont plans to unveil a special Bluetooth lighter under the 007 line. The investment of an ST. Dupont lighter is significant for many consumers who are concerned about losing it. The Bluetooth connected lighter connects to a mobile phone. When the phone moves out of range from the bluetooth lighter, an alert is sent. This allows a consumer to know they have left their lighter somewhere. There is also double insurance in that the lighter connects to a network allowing one to track down the phone.  Plans are to expand this technology to other S.T. Dupont lines in 2019.

Also showcased was the S.T. Dupont Fire Head Under Lacquer Collection. It’s a series that introduces a lighter and pens that bring together the world of lacquering with the expertise of master goldsmiths.The Fire Head Under Lacquer Collection consists of S.T. Dupont’s popular Ligne 2 lighter and the company’s signature Line D Fountain, Rollerball, and Ballpoint pens. Each unit has a guilloché under blue lacquer with a palladium finish.

A second edition of the S.T. Dupont Picasso Collection also made its debut. The collection features artwork by Picasso  The artwork contains a dove with an olive branch in its beak. Picasso designed it to represent world peace.

The Picasso Collection features the Slim 7 and Linge 2 Lighters. It also features Line D Fountain, Rollerball, and Ballpoint pens.

There is a new dedicated collection to cigar accessories known as Cigar Universe. This consists of various items including humidors, a chrome ashtray, cigar cutters, cigar cases, and lighter cases. In addition, new options for the S.T. Dupont MaxiJet and Le Grand Lighters are available.


Finally S.T. Dupont showed off a very limited item, the S.T. Dupont Montgolfier Ultra Exclusive Lighter. Each year S.T. Dupont creates an ultra-luxury item to showcase at the trade show. This year, the company decided to pay homage to an important event in French history, the first hot air balloon. This balloon was created by two brothers, Frenchmen Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier.

For the trade show, S.T. Dupont created an exquisite solid gold lighter complete with diamonds. The lighter itself is housed inside a replica of the Montgolfier hot air balloon. The hot air balloon rises giving way to the lighter which rests on the base.

Pricing for the unit is 250,000 Euros – that’s $290,000 plus in U.S. dollars.

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Photo/Video Credits: Cigar Coop