With the COVID-19 pandemic wiping out the in-person 2020 Premium Cigar Association (PCA), 2020 Tobacconist Association of America (TAA), and InterTabac 2020 Trade Shows, some questions have arisen as far as 2021’s first tobacco trade show, Tobacco Plus Expo 2021 (TPE). Today TMG (Tobacco Media Group), announced it is optimistic that TPE 2021 will occur and announced a series of steps it is taking to ensure retailers, customers, and attendees can have confidence in that assertion.

TMG confirmed what we reported a couple of weeks ago, namely that it had been reaching out to exhibitors soliciting input on what to do for TPE given the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. It also confirmed it will issue full refunds if show management has to cancel the show.

As for safety protocols, TMG has said will work closely with the Las Vegas Convention Center and hotels to ensure best practices are being adhered to. There were no specific protocols or guidelines outlined in today’s announcement.

For those exhibiting at TPE 20201, TMG has switched its General Contractor to Shepard and has negotiated fees that will offer lower exhibiting costs for those attending. TMG has said it has booked 70% of its booth space.

“We are hoping to get everyone back to business,” says Ben Stimpson, Managing Director of Tobacco Media Group in a press release. “As an industry, we know everyone has a lot to catch up on, from sales goals and retail hardships, to new products, regulations, and reduced networking opportunities, we’ve all taken a hit in 2020. We know that we’re not out of the woods just yet, but we are hopeful that TPE 2021 will happen, as we all know that good business is best done in person. We are reducing risk and costs where we can, and we are working closely with our key partners to get input and feedback from our entire industry. We want to hear from you, so we can all be confident in a successful TPE 2021 for all who attend.”