Crux Cigars has simply been a superstar performer on Cigar Coop. This is a brand that has garnered four consecutive Top 10 spots on the Cigar Coop Countdown including #1 Cigar of the Year in 2016 (Crux du Connoisseur No. 2) and #2 Cigar of the Year in 2018 (Crux Epicure Robusto). In addition, in both 2018 and 2019, it has had the highest average score of any company. This is a company that has delivered time and time again with its products.

Last year Crux Cigars underwent a massive new look for its brand – including a new logo and new packaging. This year, Crux has implemented a phased approach to roll out the new look for its products. In addition, the company opened up a new distribution center in Boca Raton, Florida and has begun growing its in-house sales force. While the company had planned to showcase a new blend under its Epicure brand, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed those plans. At the same time, the company still has some releases it is rolling out this year.

Crux Epicure, the company’s Connecticut Shade brand, has become a workhorse for the company. There are several extensions planned for this. A 6 x 60 Crux Epicure Gordo is currently en route to stores. Later this year, the company will release its first ever small-batch Lonsdale under the Crux Epicure line.  In addition, the Crux Epicure Short Salomone, a cigar that landed #10 on the Cigar Coop Countdown, is making a return later this year.

There are also plans for a Crux Epicure Maduro line extension for later this year.

Casey Haugen, Vice President of Crux Cigars, appeared on Prime Time’s Virtual Trade Show 2020 to discuss his company’s 2020 releases.

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Photo/Video Credits: Cigar Coop