Meerapfel Richard Master Blend

Last year came word that the Meerapfel family was reintroducing its family-name cigar brand. Today the first release, the “Richard” Master Blend, was announced. The cigar pays homage to company Chairman Jeremiah Meerapfel‘s father Richard Meerapfel. At the same time the brand is intended to reach a new level of ultra-premium luxury cigar that Meerapfel describes as “UberLuxury.”

Meerapfel Richard Master Blend

The Meerapfel family is best known for being tobacco brokers and in particular are known for brokering tobacco out of Cameroon, Africa. In addition, the Meerapfels work with Arturo Fuente Cigar Company on its international distribution outside of the U.S. The Meerapfel family has been in the tobacco business since the 1600s. In 1876, the company began producing cigars at its own factory. That factory was destroyed during World War II. Richard Meerapfel helped establish the Meerapfel family as the premier tobacco broker in the world for genuine Cameroon wrapper harvested from West Africa.

In terms of UberLuxury, Meerpafel says this is intended to use the best materials and processes to deliver a next-level ultra-premium experience.

The inception of MEERAPFEL Cigar defines a new segment in the premium cigar industry by merging an unrivaled past with the most innovative techniques of the future. To sublime and reinvent the quintessential cigar experience, MEERAPFEL has deconstructed every element and process composing a premium cigar. From the tobacco selection and unique aging, Master Blending, implementation of strict controls of the cigar manufacturing and proprietary maturation processes, reinventing the garment and the chest, seals and lithography, to using century- old techniques of handcrafting ribbons. Crowned with personalized services such as training sessions.

Meerapfel Richard Master Blend

Blend details of the Meerapfel Richard Master Blend have not been disclosed. The first size of the “Richard” Master Blend will be a 5 3/4 x 52 Double Robusto with a flag tail. The Double Robusto will feature ten cigars presented in an ornamented casket (a tray that can be used as an ashtray). The company says there will be 613 chests (boxes) produced each year. No details on where production is being handled have been disclosed. Pricing for the Richard Master Blend Double Robusto is $86.00 USD and 94,00 EUR in Belgium.

This release will soon be followed by other vitolas: Corona Gorda (5 1⁄2 x 46), Lancero (7 1⁄2 x 40), Robusto (4 7⁄8 x 50), Lonsdale (6 3⁄4 x 43), Churchill (7 x 47) & Pyramide (6 1⁄8 x 52): all in chests of 25 cigars without the casket. Pricing for the chests ranges from 38,00 USD to 63,00 USD (41,00 EUR to 68,00 EUR in Belgium).

The Master Blend Series is intended to honor members of the Meerapfel family. The company website shows bands indicating other family members: Heller, Ernest, and Meir.

Meerapfel Heller Master Blend


Meerapfel Ernest Master Blend


Meerapfel Meir Master Blend

“A tribute to our past; respecting our future!,” exclaims Jeremiah Meerapfel, Chairman of the company in the press release. “The UberLuxury is an expression of tradition, values, and respect. It is the mission of MEERAPFEL to preserve and perpetuate this expression.”

Photo Credits: Meerapfel Cigars