Photo Credit: Micallef Cigars

Micallef Cigars has announced the release of the Collector Edition. This is a set of eight Micallef blends with two cigars of each blend in a 5 x 40 Londres format. The Collector Edition is being released in honor of founder Al Micallef’s 80th birthday, with each blend representing one decade.

Retailers first got a look at the Collector Edition at the 2022 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show. The eight blends included in the Collector Edition are: Reserva, Leyenda, Migdalia, Herencia Habano, Herencia Maduro, Connecticut, Experiencia La Crema and Reata.

Photo Credit: Micallef Cigars

“Eighty years is something to celebrate! I have had a lot of adventures and a hell of a lot of laughs these past eight decades. Throughout all these great memories are my friends and family. This box is for them!” said Al Micallef in a press release.

Al Micallef (left) with Micallef Cigars 2021 Ambassador of the Year Larry Frank (right); Photo Credit: Rachel DeLira

“We included two of each blend in the Collector Edition. You have one to enjoy and one to share with a friend,” added Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my friend, Al Micallef’s birthday, than a release symbolizing friendship.”

Dan Thompson (center) with Micallef Cigars 2021 Ambassador of the Year Larry Frank (right) and 2020 Ambassador for the Year Bill White (left); Photo Credit: Rachel DeLira

Micallef Cigars kicked off Al’s birthday celebration earlier this month during their Open House at the Micallef Cigars headquarters in Texas with a birthday cake made to look like the Collector’s Edition box. This year is Micallef’s second open house, an annual event commemorating the day Micallef Cigars cut ties with Cigars International. Micallef has remained committed to its brick-and-mortar retail partners and has pledged to only sell its portfolio to online stores that also have brick-and-mortar representation to ensure price protection.

Micallef Cigars Ambassadors at Open House 2022; Photo Credit: Elliston Marketing

Al Micallef’s 80th Birthday Cake Made to Look Like the Collector’s Edition Box; Photo Credit: Rachel DeLira

The Collectors Edition will begin shipping to brick-and-mortar retailers in mid-October and will retail for $128.00