Micallef Cigars announced today that it is ending its sales relationship with Meier & Dutch, Cigars International, and Thompson Cigar. The move is meant to strengthen the commitment Micallef Cigars has made with the brick and mortar community. The following is a press release from Micallef Cigars explaining the move.

Micallef Cigars no longer sells to Meier & Dutch, Cigars International, Thompson Cigar, and Cigar.com. Additionally, Micallef Cigars is buying back their inventory. Today’s announcement places locally owned Brick & Mortar retailers as the exclusive retail channel for Micallef Cigars.

“Brick & Mortar stores are the heart of the cigar community; they are incredibly important for our Industry. 2020 has been a difficult year for us all. Together with our retail partners we continue innovating to better serve our consumers and Ambassadors in an excellent manner!” Said Al Micallef, Founder of Micallef Cigars.

Micallef Cigars recognizes the importance of online sales for their customers who do not have a readily accessible retail partner. Micallef ensures their portfolio is available online through Brick & Mortar shops who sell both in their store and online. Many retail partners use the Micallef Ultimate Inventory program to sell the entire Micallef portfolio in their store and online. Ultimate Inventory enables the retailer to say “Yes” to the consumer asking for any vitola, and then Micallef Cigars drops ships the product directly to the consumer.

“Cigars International sees themselves as the Amazon or Walmart of the premium cigar industry. We know the damage their corporate idols have done to Main Street businesses across America. We will not be part of their strategy. We are focused on the success of Brick & Mortar shops which are the foundation of the cigar communities we love!” Said Dan Thompson, President of Micallef Cigars.

Micallef Cigars continues to increase their investment in Brick and Mortar shops to drive retail sales. The classic in-person retail event has evolved into a Hybrid event in the store and online. Retailers grow their customer base by connecting to a national audience of Micallef Ambassadors. Finally, a consumer-focused Tasting Passport enables discovery and enjoyment of the 16 different blends available. As consumers complete and submit their Passport, they are eligible for prizes including gift certificates to their favorite Brick & Mortar retailer.