Casa_ 910 Experience-The Recovery Brunch

Greetings again from Mexico City, Mexico. The weekend of November 18 to 20th saw Casa 1910 Cigars hold its second annual Casa 1910 Experience event. The event was hosted by Casa 1910 owners Manolo Santiago, Jamie Baer, and Serge Bollin, in Mexico City. Day Three was dubbed “The Recovery Brunch” and would bring a close to the Casa 1910 event.

The Casa 1910 Experience was a celebratory event that took place from November 18 to 20, 2022 in Mexico City. In attendance were retailers, partners, media, and influencers. Casa 1910 is a company that launched a year ago. The company is based in Mexico City. The branding of the company captures the history and pride surrounding the Mexican Revolution which occurred in 1910.  Given the close ties the company’s messaging has with Mexican history, and in particular the Mexican Revolution, it was only natural for the Casa 1910 Experience to take place in Mexico City.

For this author, this would be a day I would walk the city and “The Recovery Bunch” provided that golden opportunity.

“The Recovery Brunch” was held in the Roma Norte section of the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City at a restaurant called Prendes 1892. The day began at our hotel which is just outside the financial district near the Zona Rosa neighborhood where a bunch of us were smoking. From there it was a late Sunday morning walk to the restaurant. There was a tranquility in Mexico City I had not seen before. Maybe it was because it was Sunday, or maybe it was because tomorrow was a Mexican National Holiday (as I pointed out in the Pre-Game report, Monday 11/21 was Mexican Revolution Day – the day Mexico celebrates its independence).

The Casa 1910 Experience Team has done a great job at finding venues that not only showcase Mexico City’s rich culture and history, but places you can smoke. Prendes was no exception. The restaurant had an open courtyard with a really cool retractable roof!

The Recovery Bunch provided an opportunity for some more food, spirits, cigars, and a chance to say goodbye to old and new friends made.  This would bring a close to the 2022 edition of the Casa 1910 Experience.

While it was goodbye for many, my portion of the trip had not come to a close. There was another day in Mexico City for me still to come. It was another walk through the city, this time heading to the famous Paseo de la Reforma street.  Paseo de la Reforma is a mall-like street that cuts through the financial district of Mexico – and actually is in close proximity to the hotel. It has high-end commercial business on it that gives you a feel of Champs-Élysées. In fact, I learned afterwards that this street was built under Emperor Maximillian I and meant to emulate the feel of the Champs-Élysées.  The walk down the Paseo de la Reforma gave a view of the Monumento a la Independencia – something I had seen during the Pre-Game Report I filed on Mexico City.

Unfortunately, Mexico’s premier boulevard did not provide anything in terms of premium cigar stores or cigar lounges. However, there were two places to smoke.  The first was the Sky Bar located on the 38th floor of the Ritz Carlton hotel which is on the Paseo de la Reforma. There is a partitioned area near the glass windows that provided breathtaking views of the Mexico City Skyline and Bosque de la Chapultepec.  You can take your own cigars there, and price-wise the beverages and cocktails were reasonable. This might have been one of the greatest views I ever had while enjoying a cigar.

There was also a stop at the Four Seasons Hotel. While they didn’t have a smoking lounge like the Ritz Carlton, there still were some nice places to smoke in a courtyard area of the hotel.

And with that, my trip to Mexico City came to a close.

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Portions of Lodging for the Casa 1910 Experience were covered by Casa 1910 cigars. 

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop