Luciano Cigars has announced it has rebranded Pichardo Cigars as Tiago Cigars. The rebranded line is named for Tiago Splitter, who is a co-founder and partner in Luciano Cigars.

Tiago Splitter is a former NBA player who won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs and currently serves as an assistant coach with the Brooklyn Nets. It’s not the first time Splitter has had his name on a cigar. When Luciano Cigars was known as ACE Prime, Splitter had his name on a cigar known as the CM.X.S. Signature Tiago Splitter.

There were six blends under the Pichardo line which are being rebranded to Tiago Cigars. The three blends of the Pichardo Clasico line are being rebranded to Tiago Clasico. Meanwhile the three blends from the Pichardo Reserva Familiar line are being rebranded to Tiago Familia Escogiida. Familia Escogiida means “chosen family.” In a press release announcing the rebranding, Luciano Cigars says the name “highlights the relationships we build, and the people we intentionally call family.”

Luciano Cigars says the six blends will remain the same. The packaging is getting modified to reflect the new Tiago branding. This includes replacing the “P” found on the Pichardo bands with a “T” for the new Tiago blends.

Former Names Rebranding
Pichardo – Clasico Tiago – Clasico
-Maduro -Maduro
-Sumatra -Sumatra
-Natural -Natural
Pichardo – Reserva Familiar Tiago – Familia Escogida
-San Andres -San Andres
-Habano -Habano
-Connecticut -Connecticut

“You get a lot of opportunities after a career in the NBA, but this project, this dream to me is like coming home to people and a company I call family. It’s an honor to have my name as a brand and product I personally know to be extraordinarily blended by Luciano Meirelles,” commented Tiago Splitter in the press release announcing the rebrand.

“It was a natural process for the whole team. We believe these blends deserve a worthy and upstanding name. Tiago is not only my partner, he’s more like a chosen brother. That’s what this rebranding is about: honoring him for the extraordinary person he is and elevating the family we choose for ourselves,” added Luciano Meirelles, CEO and co-founder of Luciano Cigars.

Luciano Cigars was announced late in 2022 as a rebrand of ACE Prime Cigars. In addition, the company has opened new factory facilities and established its own distribution. The Pichardo name comes from Eradio Pichardo who was a partner in ACE Prime prior to the transition. Luciano Cigars has maintained it owns sole rights over the name and trademark “Pichardo,” as well as its logo and design, maintaining its rights for current products in the market and eventual future use.

Image Credits: Luciano Cigars