Scandinavian Tobacco Group has announced several personnel moves in its General Cigar and Forged Cigar Company field sales organizations. These include incorporating former Alec Bradley sales representatives into the business units, and some new senior leadership positions.

In a press release announcing the changes, Gene Richter, Vice President of Sales for STG North America said, ”As we integrate the Alec Bradley cigar brands and continue to grow STG’s handmade cigar portfolio, we are taking proactive steps to ensure we are well-positioned to support our brands now and into the future. With a larger team and increased coverage, we will be better equipped to serve the demands of our valued retail partners.”

Forged Cigar Company will add a new leadership role and four territory sales representatives who are coming over from Alec Bradley. Michael Serota, former head of sales for Alec Bradley, will assume his new role as Forged Cigar Company’s South Region Sales Manager. He will oversee six sales representatives including two new sales representatives coming over from Alec Bradley. Serota will report to Sean Hardiman, National Sales Manager of Field Sales for Forged.  The following are the two sales representatives coming over from Alec Bradley and the territories each is being assigned.

  • Jeremy Lemke: Illinois, Western Indiana
  • Jedidadh Jocelyn: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee

In addition, there are two other Alec Bradley sales representatives joining Forged. Both will report directly to Sean Hardiman.

  • John Troiano: Upstate New York (new territory)
  • Ryan Ponist: Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio

On the General Cigar Company side, there is a new leadership role where two former Alec Bradley sales representatives will join that team. First, STG has appointed David Mealey to the new role of National Sales Manager, Field Sales, reporting to Gene Richter. There are also two Alec Bradley sales representatives who are joining Alec Bradley. Each of these two sales representatives will report to Michael Radecki, West Region Sales Manager.

  • John Vinaccia: Southern California
  • Jared Casebolt: Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico

The moves become effective on June 1, 2023. Forged has now also told its retailers, Alec Bradley products will now be ordered through its sales team. New product numbers for Alec Bradley products have been assigned.