United Cigars has announced the opening of its third flagship lounge. This one is branded the Red Anchor Lounge and it’s located at Two Guys Smoke Shop in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The 2500 square foot lounge features burgundy-colored walls adorned with various anchors and comfortable seating for 60 people. A unique feature of the Red Anchor Lounge is its airplane drink cart which trained staff use to provide table-side cocktail service to their patrons.

“When I was developing a new lounge space at our Nashua location, honoring the rich legacy of Red Anchor was an easy decision,” said David Garofalo, owner of Two Guys Smoke Shop. “Red Anchor was an immediate favorite of our customers, and we invite cigar consumers from around the country to come enjoy a drink, and a Red Anchor cigar with us in Nashua!”

Launched in 1772, Red Anchor is a cigar brand created by Albertus Hillen Sigarenfabriek in Delft, Holland. The brand was passed down through the family until 1890 when it was sold to Martinus Holland who continued to expand the brand into a tin format through the early 1900s until the brand went out of business in 1937. In 2022, United Cigars resurrected the 250-year-old brand with a familiar Dutch connection, the Kelner Family, at Hendrik Kelner Jr.’s Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic.

The three United Cigars lounges include:

The Red Anchor Lounge is open seven days a week and is located at 15 Spit Brook Rd, Nashua, NH.

Photo Credits: United Cigars