Tonight we celebrate Hector Alfonso’s victory in the Battle of the Bands 80s Madness with Prince’s Purple Rain and celebrate the music of Prince. Hector along with runner-up John McTavish of Developing Palates join Coop and Dave for this show

Normally the winning album would get an Album Archaeology Show, but because an Album Archaeology was done Purple Rain on Prime Time Jukebox Episode 80, we changed things up and looked at Prince’s music as a whole.

In this episode, John smokes the Padrón 3000 Natural, Dave smokes the Oscar Valladares McFly, and Coop smokes a unicorn version of the 601 Yellow.

You can watch the episode in real-time on our YouTube page and it will also premiere on our Facebook page on Monday, June 12th, 2023, at 8pm ET.

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