It has been over five years since Quality Importers Trading Company acquired Xikar. Since then, the company has worked hard to make it one of its flagship brands in the portfolio.  In the past few years, the innovation pipeline for Xikar has not slowed down – and that trend continued at the 2023 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show. This year, the company showcased a new in-line dual-flame lighter known as the Xikar Ion. There are some more collaborations coming with New York jeweler Jacob & Co. Also the company has done a soft launch of its next generation of the Xikar Xi Cutter -the Xikar Perfect Xi1 Cutter.

The showcase product at PCA 2023 from Xikar was the new Xikar Ion. The company says dual-flame lighters are getting overshadowed by single flame and triple flame lighters, so it wanted to provide an option in this space. In addition to the angled flame, the Xikar Ion features a large textured push-button ignition, an easy-to-use fuel adjustment wheel, and an oversized fuel tank with the capacity to light up to 80 cigars. There are five color options: red, blue, silver, black, and black/rose gold. It is also backed by Xikar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Pricing is set at $69.00.

Back in 2000, Xikar collaborated with Jacob & Co to release the $150,000.00 Xi Dueling Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearl Cigar Cutter. The cutter was on display at PCA 2023, but this year there are four additional one-of-a-kind Xi cutters as a part of the Xikar Xclusives Collection that were also done with Jacob & Co. These are not as extravagant, but will be collectible pieces priced round $16,000.00 each.

Photo Credit: Quality Importers Trading Co.

Finally, while we didn’t see it on display, Xikar has created the Xikar Perfect Xi1 Cutter. The Perfect Xi1 Cutter features a closed-back design that produces a smooth cut across the cap of your cigar every time without any guesswork. Each unit features an aluminum body, and stainless steel blades designed to cut up to a 60-ring gauge cigar. The Xikar Perfect Xi1 Cutter is also backed by Xikar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Currently, these are exclusive to Smoke Inn, but will be getting a national release. In addition, custom one-of-a-kind Xikar Perfect Xi1 Cutters will be a part of the seven Tatuaje Anarchy NFT projects. There is also a custom Xi1 Perfect Cutter as a part of the My Father-Tatuaje La Union collaboration releases. Xikar also has plans for a Xikar Perfect Xi2 Cutter.

Photo Credit: Quality Importers Trading Co.

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Update 8/31/23: Correct Xikar XClusives pricing and updated photo