A new soda designed to intentionally pair with premium cigars is being launched. Abbina Craft Sipping Soda is a non-alcoholic craft soda. Abbina sodas are produced in small batches with complex flavors with slow sipping in mind.

Abbina (Italian for “to match” or “to combine”) Craft Sipping Soda was created by Charlie Albanetti, who sought a more interesting non-alcoholic beverage pairing for cigars than other commercially available sodas. The company says that Abbina’s unique flavors, such as earthy notes like beet and leathery notes from the use of saffron and patchouli, are designed to both create new flavors by combining with typical flavors found in cigars and to draw out otherwise undetectable flavors in cigars.

“I love exploring flavor, and my go-to beverage pairing has always been soda, but I was left wanting something more exciting,” said founder and CEO Charlie Albanetti in a press release. “I created Abbina because I wanted something better for myself and I thought other cigar enthusiasts would really enjoy the experience too.”

Albanetti began creating the flavor concepts for this project by building drink formulas at a makeshift lab on his dining room table. In December 2022, he started working with a professional flavorist lab to create scalable, safe formulas for commercial production. The first batch is now being produced and bottled.

Abbina Craft Sipping Soda is launching with four flavors. They come in 12-packs of 12 fl oz bottles. In addition, there is a 12-count variety pack with three bottles of each flavor. Abbina Soda is available for pre-order on the company’s website at press time. Abbina expects to begin shipping later this week once production is completed.

Image Credit: Abbina Craft Sipping Soda