Luciano Underrated Ron Harper

Ron Harper, a five-time NBA Champion, has announced he is a partner in Luciano Cigars’ Underrated brand. The Underrated Cigar was released earlier this year.

It turns out Harper had been a silent partner working on the brand with Luciano Cigars’ Founder and President, Luciano Meirelles, and his team. At the time, Harper took a silent role to allow the brand to get recognition on its own. With the brand gaining recognition, the decision has been made to introduce Harper as a partner. Fittingly for the Underrated brand name, despite winning five NBA championships, Harper was often considered an underrated player for his contributions on the court.

“In every stage of my career, I’ve seen firsthand how the unexpected can harbor greatness,” said Harper in a press release. “This partnership on the construction of Underrated is a homage to those moments and to everyone who revels in the joy of discovering the exceptional in the unanticipated. When you defy expectations, you have a chance to delight in the underrated!”

“As we celebrate this partnership and the remarkable synergy between Ron Harper and Luciano Cigars, we invite you to rediscover the pleasure of the underrated, to embrace the moments of surprise that enrich our lives. ‘Underrated’ cigars are not just a choice but a journey to the essence of enjoyment, where true value is not heralded by acclaim but by the quality of experience,” commented Luciano Meirelles.

Luciano Cigars says Harper will attend the 2024 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show. The show opens on March 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.