Bull's Breath Whiskey

Tony Gomez and Jonathan Carney of La Flor Dominicana have announced they have collaborated with the Forward/Slash Distillery to launch Bull’s Breath whiskey. The whiskey was unveiled at the 2024 PCA Trade Show in a “Golden Hour” event hosted by the Golden Purveyors. At the event, the whiskey was presented by creators Tony Gomez, Jonathan Carney, and Michael Buffa of Forward/Slash Distillery.

The goal of the project was to craft a whiskey that would enhance the cigar-smoking experience at another level. The whiskey is a blend of straight bourbon whiskey finished in Amburana and Armagnac casks,

In a press release, Tony Gomez said, “We went into this with the idea to create something distinct and memorable. However, never having blended a whiskey before, I imagined all kinds of directions to take the project and flavor notes that I didn’t even know were possible but the team at Forward/Slash heard and understood and then surprised me with dimensions of whiskey I had never experienced before.”

Additional information on Bull’s Breath whiskey can be found on the Bull’s Breath website.

Photo Credit: Bull’s Breath