There has certainly been a hot bed of activity with the Pleasure Police in North Dakota.

Earlier, this month the city of Minot, North Dakota rejected a Tobacco Ban that would have had a catastrophic impact on local businesses.   Now the city of Bismarck, North Dakota has their own battle with the Pleasure Police.   Bismarck is facing a similar ban. . In August the city commission approved banning smoking in all bars and restaurants.  This law goes into effect November 1st that is unless the group collects enough signatures.

Great news! A petition is gathering momentum in Bismarck as citizens are standing up for their legal rights!  We need to keep a close eye on this as this will be another important victory against the Pleasure Police.   This is something we could very well win.  This is why we as Tobacco Enthusiasts need to continue to stand up for our rights here.  In the past, we have had too much legislation rammed down our throats without a fight.   Now it is important to stand up to the Pleasure Police at every opportunity we get.

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