Jon Huber (L) at a CAO Event in Wilmington NC

There had been a lot of rumors running rampant for the past couple of weeks.  Today a twitter post confirmed – CAO’s Director of Lifestyle Marketing – Jon Huber is leaving CAO Cigars.

The twitter post was:

will be saying ‘adios’ L8r but please do continue 2 follow @ – Rick Rodriguez from General will be taking care of all u twitterers.

The bad news is that one of the creative minds in the Cigar industry is leaving one of the great companies – CAO Cigars.  This follows the news that Tim Ozgener was leaving CAO following the acquisition into General Cigars.  No doubt changes are going to be happening at CAO next year, so it will be interesting to see where the brand goes.   Keep in mind CAO and Torano have also gone separate ways, so there already were changes in store to begin with.  
The good news is that the post indicated Rick Rodriguez from Team La Gloria Cubana in General will be taking care of the twitter feed.   This seems to indicate that Rodriguez will be getting involved with the CAO brand in some sort of a role.  Considering the incredible year Team La Gloria had in 2010, CAO should be in good hands if Rodriguez will be involved.  Yet, Huber’s departure is big – and he will be missed.
An interesting lineup of cigar talent is now available on the marketplace.   Sam Leccia, Tim Ozgener, and Jon Huber have left their positions in the past couple of months.   Rumors are running all over the internet on what the next steps will be for all of these people.  We shall see what happens.