In this cigar conversation from the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show, I catch up with Oliver Hyams, Marketing Manager of Gurkha Cigars.   I’ve known Oliver since his days with Torano Family Cigars and have always found him to provide an enjoyable and informative conversation.

In this video, Oliver will introduce us to Gurkha’s two new lines, the Gurkha Ghost and the Gurkha 125th Anniversary.  He will also give us a preview of Gurkha’s second release under its spinoff brand – the East India Company’s Red Witch.

Oliver will also give us a little idea of what its like working with his father, Gary Hyams.  As many know, Gary left CAO Cigars last year to become the President and CEO of Gurkha Cigars.  Oliver discusses how Gurkha has worked hard to connect with the consumers and brick and mortar retailers.

We then get into a conversation on industry trends and legislation.   This turned out to be a great dialogue as Oliver then asked me some of my thoughts in this area.   In the previous conversation with Gary Sheffield, Sheffield talked about the concept of the industry coming together as one.  In our discussion, Oliver reinforces that point.    I also mention a period of “creativity” in the cigar industry and I must credit this to Nate McIntyre of Emilio Cigars for keeping this fresh in my mind.  This was something Nate and I had discussed the day before and it really stuck in my head.

Finally, if you watch closely around the 45 second mark, Cigar Dave makes a brief cameo in the background as Oliver and I are talking.