CAO Cigars is adding a new blend to its CAO Brazilia line.  The line is being called CAO Brazilia Carnivale and it is being described as a modification version of the current CAO Brazilia. An announcement of this cigar was made on the CAO Cigars Facebook page – confirming a report a few weeks ago by

According to comments by CAO Cigars on the blend: “We haven’t changed blends on any CAO cigars. However, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t take a spin on one of them. That’s what we did with Carnivale. We took a blend that we loved and cranked it up with more ligero.”

The cigar appears to also be a one time limited run as an additional comment by CAO Cigars was made in reference to this: “Exclusive to brick & mortar locations. These are a limited run, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

The past few weeks have been the busiest in terms of new releases by CAO since it was integrated into the General Cigar Company portfolio.  All of the activity has focused on limited edition and event only cigars.  Late last year, the CAO Left Coast was released.  Earlier this month, the CAO Right Coast was released.  Both the CAO Left Coast and Right Coast were trapezoid-shaped vitolas that were intended to be one time regional releases.  This month, CAO Cigars also has launched the event only CAO La Traviata Mochado.