La Sirena Cigars President Arielle Ditkowich was a guest on the 5/24/14 edition of Kiss My Ash Radio and confirmed a couple of projects that the company has in the works.  First up, the La Sirena Original is going to be rebounded and production will be moving to Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory. The other announcement is that the company will unveil a new line called Oceano by La Sirena.

Last month, news of the move to La Zona first was reported by A Cigar Smoker’s Journal.  Ditkowich’s appearance on Kiss My Ash Radio not only confirmed the news, but mentioned the La Sirena Original would be undergoing a blend change.  Production of the La Sirena Original previously was done at the My Father Cigars factory. On the program Ditkowich said, “It’s amazing!  I cannot wait to introduce this cigar to the consumers.  I think they are going to flip.  It’s really one of my favorite cigars I ever smoke.”  Plans are to unveil the reblended La Sirena at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show.

As for the Oceano, plans are to also release this cigar at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show.  During an interview we did with Ditkowich, she broke news the company’s next line would come out of the Quesada factory.  On the program, Ditkowich confirmed the Oceano will be that cigar coming from that factory.  As she told us last month, the Quesada cigar is planned to be a full strength, full-flavored cigar.  Ditkowich also mentioned the Oceano will be released in five sizes.

The reblending of the La Sirena Original and the new Oceano lines are the most recent announcements in what has been a busy six months for the company.  Late last year, La Sirena announced it was splitting from Miami Cigar and Company and becoming an independent company.  Last month, the company announced it was acquiring Old School Cigars and absorbing their cigars into their portfolio.