We are now full steam ahead with our IPCPR coverage leading up to this year’s trade show in Las Vegas being held from July 19 – 23.  Last month we outlined our approach that consists of Pre-Show Coverage, Show Floor Coverage, and Post Show Coverage.  In reality, for us, this is more like IPCPR Season.  We did over 200 stories during the 2013 IPCPR Season and hope to equal or exceed that number this year.

This past month, we unveiled our third annual “IPCPR Preview Series”.  This is meant to be the most comprehensive preview guide to the cigar industry’s biggest event.   We’ve focused on three topics:  First is our “Five Boutiques to Watch”, which has annually been one of our most read feature stories of the year.  We then continued with our look at some of the industry trends to watch.  Finally, while there are plenty of companies that will be at the show, we did a “Spotlight on Manufacturers” feature story on some of the more interesting companies.

Our focus will shift to our “Around the Show Floor” guide.  This will give a brief synopsis of what to expect from the different manufacturers as the show opens.  We are planning three installments like we did last year.  Also included will be predictions for what will be the five hottest cigars at the show.  While #1 seems a lock, the other positions are actually up for grabs.

One question are asked is whether or not Stogie Geeks will be broadcasting from IPCPR.  The answer is no.  This is a major logistical and somewhat costly move.  As I mentioned last month, we have moved away from IPCPR video interviews and more toward product-centric coverage.  Our weekly podcast will provide a better opportunity for discussions with the personalities behind the cigars – instead of compressing a lot of short video interviews in a week.

This will be our fifth year covering the show – and the support has been amazing from both the manufacturers and members of the IPCPR who put on the show.  We appreciate the opportunity to bring you this unprecedented coverage and thank you for checking us out during IPCPR Season.