Avo Syncro Nicaragua (Photo Credit: Avo Cigars)

Two years ago, the Davidoff brand ventured into new territories with the Davidoff Nicaragua, now it’s the Avo brand’s turn.  Today the company announced the Avo Syncro Nicaragua. This new offering will become the fifth regular production offering in the Avo portfolio, and the first since the rebranding of Avo earlier this year.  Plans are for the Avo Synchro Nicaragua to make its debut at the 2015 IPCPR Trade Show.

Avo Syncro Nicaragua will be an all box-pressed offering.  While 2013’s limited edition Avo Movement for the TAA was the first box-press in the Avo portfolio, this is the first box-press that is going regular production.

As the name indicates, the Avo Syncro Nicaragua will incorporate Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler.  Specifically, tobaccos from the island of Ometepe located in Lake Nicaragua.  While the recently released Avo Classic Covers 2015 was the first Avo release with Nicaragua tobacco, the Avo Syncro Nicaragua introduces Nicaraguan tobacco into a regular offering.

The remainder of the blend consists of an Ecuadorian grown Connecticut wrapper and a Dominican binder. Along with the Ometepe tobacco, Peruvian and Dominican tobaccos are in the filler. The blend is described as delivering “a cigar with Nicaraguan fire, Dominican flair, and a world of stories.”  The name “Syncro” is a play on the theme of “synchronization” in music.  In this case, it refers to the synchronization of the Dominican and Nicaraguan cigar experience.

“Experience the thrill of surprising notes from diverse cultures! AVO Syncro brings new and exciting blends to delight today’s aficionados. The fusion of tobaccos from various origins allows the creation of new and surprising taste experiences that will, in the AVO way, generate memorable sharing moments,” said Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation in a press release.

Brand ambassador Avo Uvezian also commented, “I am delighted to share with you and aficionados around the globe this exciting new line of AVO Cigars. AVO Cigars are ready to give the performance of a lifetime. It’s about surprising and enjoyable experiences, the blending of various cultures – experiences perfectly in sync with the moments worth sharing.”

Following the launch at IPCPR, the cigar is expected in U.S. retailers this August with a global launch planned for 2016.

At a glance, here is a look at the Avo Syncro Nicaragua:

Blend Profile

Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Nicaraguan (Ometepe), Dominican, (Piloto, San Vicente Mejorado and hybrid Olor/Piloto) Peruvian (Olancho)
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic


Avo Syncro Nicaragua – Left to Right (Short Robusto, Robusto, Toro, Special Toro) (Photo Credit: Avo Cigars)

Vitolas Available

The Avo Syncro Nicaragua is available in four sizes. Each size is box-pressed:

Box Pressed Short Robusto: 4 x 52 (SRP $7.90)
Box Pressed Robusto: 5 x 50 (SRP $8.90)
Box Pressed Toro: 6 x 54 (SRP $9.90)
Box Pressed Special Toro: 6 x 60 (SRP $10.90)