Monte Pascoal Double Corona

Monte Pascoal is a line of all-Brazilian tobacco cigars that are made in Brazil. About 3 to 4 years ago, this was a brand that was gaining some traction in the U.S. market. However, the brand would eventually lose its distributorship and started to fade from the U.S. market. Earlier this year, word came that the brand had found a new U.S. distribution arm with Multiverse. The brand was given a packaging and banding face-lift and is once again available in the American Market. Today I take a look at the Monte Pascoal in the Double Corona size. Overall I found this to be a solid offering showcasing the wide range of flavor in Brazilian tobacco.

Multiverse Cigars is best known to distribute Toscano and Toscanello cigars in the US, a pair of cigar brands manufactured in Italy. Multiverse is currently selling Monte Pascoal directly to consumers through its online web-site, but we were told earlier this year there are plans to expand Monte Pascoal throughout the brick and mortar sector.

Monte Pascoal derives its name from a mountain in Brazil that is located in the Bahia State of Brazil.  The mountain is famous for its tall-rounded shape.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Monte Pascoal in the Double Corona size and see what this cigar brings to the table.

Blend Profile

As mentioned, Monte Pascoal is a Brazilian puro that is made in Brazil. The tobaccos are a combination of Mata Fina and Mata Bonsucesso that is grown on the Bonsucesso Farm. The Bonsucesso Farm is located in the municipality of Governor Mangabeira that a part of the State of Bahia in Brazil. This is where the factory is located as well.

Wrapper: Mata Bonsucesso (Colorado Maduro)
Binder: Mata Bonsucesso
Filler: Mata Fina, Mata Bonsucesso (Long Filler)
Country of Origin: Brazil (Tabacos Mata Fina)


Monte Pascoal – 25 Count Boxes (Photo Credit: Monte Pascoal Cigars Facebook Page)

Vitolas Available

Monte Pascoal has returned in the same six sizes that it was originally available in. The cigars are sold in newly re-designed 25 count cedar boxes. The cigars (with the exception of the Double Corona) are also available in 3 count boxes.

Minuto: 4 3/4 x 42
Corona: 5 5/8 x 42
Petit Robusto: 4 x 50
Robusto: 4 7/8 x 50
Belicoso: 5 1/2 x 52
Double Corona: 7 5/8 x 49


The Mata Bonsucesso is described as a “Colorado Maduro” wrapper. This wrapper is highlighted by its cinnamon color. Upon closer examination, there is a slight amount of darker marbling on the surface. The wrapper itself is not oily, but has more of a silky complexion. There are some thin visible wrapper seams. The surface of the wrapper has a few visible veins, but I would not describe this as a toothy wrapper.

One packaging change to the Monte Pascoal cigars since the U.S. re-launch is a new main color on the band. The red background has now been replaced by a green background. The remainder of the band is the same. It features the blue, gold, and orange Monte Pascoal logo surrounded by a a gold circular trim along with a few gold adornments. The left and right side of the band each feature two gold medallions along with some additional gold adornments. The band is finished with a thin gold and white trim.

Preparation for the Cigar Experience

As I normally do, I went with a straight cut to remove the cap of the Monte Pascoal Double Corona. Once the cap was clipped, I moved on to the pre-light draw phase. The dry draw provided a mix of sweet natural tobacco along with a slight cedar note. Overall I considered the pre-light draw of the Monte Pascoal Double Corona to be satisfactory. At this point, I was ready to light up this cigar and see what the smoking phase would bring to the table.

Flavor Profile

The Monte Pascoal Double Corona started out with some sweeter notes consisting of natural tobacco and fruit. At the same time there was a cedar spice in the background. The cedar note was also prominent on the retro-hale.

Toward the end of the first third, I found the natural tobacco notes continued to be the primary. The fruit sweetness had receded into the background. There also was a slight increase in the cedar notes, but these were still secondary. At the same time, some coffee notes also surfaced in the background.

By the midway point the coffee notes joined the natural tobacco in the forefront. The cedar notes were still secondary. From time to time during the second third, the fruit sweetness moved into the forefront.

By the last third, I found more spice in the forefront with the coffee and natural tobacco notes. This included the cedar notes as well as a black pepper component. The fruit sweetness had definitely diminished significantly. This is the way the cigar experience of the Monte Pascoal Double Corona came to a close. The resulting nub was firm to the touch and cool in temperature.

Burn and Draw

On each of the samples, I found the Monte Pascoal Double Corona to be high maintenance during the first third. The burn was on the uneven side and required quite a few touch-ups to keep it straight. Things started to improve in the second third, and I found it needed less touch-ups for the remainder of the cigar experience. The resulting ash had a salt and pepper color and was somewhat on the looser side. The burn temperature was ideal. As for the burn rate, it was a little on the faster side.


Burn of the Monte Pascoal Double Corona

The draw was ideal. I’d categorize the draw as open, but not overly loose. It was easy to puff on this cigar and derive flavors.

Strength and Body

From a strength perspective, the Monte Pascoal Double Corona is not going to be a nicotine bomb. I pretty much found this cigar to remain in the mild to medium range of strength from start to finish. As for the body, I found this cigar started out medium-bodied, but during the second third, I found the it dialed back – moving into the mild to medium-bodied range. By the last third, the body returned to the medium range.

In terms of strength versus body, I found the body had a slight edge throughout the smoking experience.

Final Thoughts

In the past I have found Monte Pascoal to be a great line to showcase the sweetness of Brazilian tobaccos. What I like about the Double Corona is that this sweetness was a little more dialed back and it allowed for some of the other flavors to shine – ultimately giving a little more complexity than I have seen from this blend. The burn during the first third wasn’t ideal, but for whatever reason by the second third, this became less of a problem. Ultimately there are more pluses than minuses here. This is a cigar I could recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar enthusiast who prefers something more dialed back. As for myself while it wouldn’t be my first choice for size in the line, this is a cigar I would smoke again. Ultimately, it’s a cigar I’d still recommend trying.


Burn: Fair
Draw: Excellent
Complexity: High
Strength: Mild to Medium
Body: Medium (except second third which was Mild to Medium)
Finish: Excellent
Assessment: 2.5-Try One
Score: 87


News: Multiverse Brings Monte Pascoal Back to the U.S. Market
Price: $12.95
Source: Cigars Provided by Distributor
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Cigar Coop and Stogie Geeks readers / viewers / listeners may Monte Pascoal directly from its website. From November 26th through November 30th, 2015, there is a 40% off sale using the coupon code THANKS40. Any questions on the promotion or coupon code should be directed to Monte Pascoal.