Netherlands-based cigar company Royal Agio Cigars has announced plans to establish a wholly-owned U.S. Based Headquarters. In addition, the company also announced it will be launching its own U.S. based sales force. For the past three years, Royal Agio had been working with Drew Estate to handle its U.S. sales and distribution. While the U.S. based business arrangement will change, the companies still plan on working together on the international market.

Based in Duizel, Netherlands, Royal Agio Cigars is known for the Mehari’s, Panter, and Balmoral brands. The company was founded by Jacques Wintermans and now is run by fourth generation family member Boris Wintermans. The business has built a reputation as an independent family company. While primarily known for machine-made cigars, the Balmoral brand is familiar to premium cigar enthusiasts. While a European-based company, Royal Agio has been doing business in the U.S. for over 40 years.

In a press release by both companies, it was the ongoing success of both brands in the U.S. Market while maintaining the highest level of customer service that led to the decision for each company to focus on its own brands. Both Drew Estate and Royal Agio said the companies will work together to make sure the transition flows smoothly. Currently, Royal Agio is in the process of adding Trade Development and Retailer support staff while continuing to work with Drew Estate to prepare for and then execute a seamless transition.  As such, no logistical changes are being implemented at the moment.

In a press release announcing plans for the transition, Boris Wintermans, CEO at Royal Agio Cigars, said “Agio is recognized worldwide as a premium tobacco company with a rich history of making cigars with uncompromising quality. While the art of selecting and blending premium tobacco is accepted worldwide, the U.S. market fully appreciates the artisan style of producing larger vitolas, primarily by hand. Our Balmoral Anejo has been rated 92 and was honored in the ‘Top 10’ cigars by Cigar Journal. We will continue to demonstrate our larger cigar and handmade acumen in the U.S. as our full resources come into place through our U.S. headquarters.  We are proud and confident to open our own operations in the largest cigar market worldwide.”

“We are pleased to have played a key role in reaching this ‘historical milestone’ for Royal Agio Cigars, as they transition toward building a dedicated distribution capability and forging direct trade relations in the USA.’’ according to Glenn C. Wolfson, CEO of Drew Estate. Our part of deepening the successful ongoing worldwide relationship with Royal Agio means retailers can count on a smooth transition over time and gain additional support and attention for each company’s individual brand families. We will continue to be connected and work together globally.”

With the new U.S. office, Royal Agio Cigars will add to their existing operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany and France. In addition, Royal Agio Cigars owns production facilities in Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic and Belgium.

As in recent years, Royal Agio products will continue to be featured in the Drew Estate booth at this year’s 2017 IPCPR Trade Show. Royal Agio Cigars USA will also have its own trade show booth (Booth #447).