JRE Tobacco Company is releasing a new offering under its Aladino blend. Coming this summer will be the Aladino Habano.

The Aladino Habano is a Honduran puro with all of the tobaccos coming from the JRE Tobacco Farm. As the name indicates, it features a Honduran Habano. It’s being initially released in one size, a 48 x 4 1/2 Rothschild size. It will carry a price point of $6.00 and be packaged in 50-count boxes.

The Aladino Habano and the recently announced Aladino Cameroon are the fifth and sixth blends under JRE Tobacco’s Aladino brand.

JRE Tobacco already offers Habano wrapper blends under its other brands, Tatascan and Rancho Luna.

Photo Credit: JRE Tobacco Co.