On January 31st, 2023 in Basel, Switzerland, Habanos S.A. in conjunction with its distributor for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Intertabak AG showcased the Montecristo L’Esprit Collection. The Montecristo L’Esprit Collection is a line of three humidors done in collaboration with S.T. Dupont. As a part of the humidor launch, Habanos S.A. surprised everyone by using the night to showcase a new size of its Montecristo – appropriately called the Montecristo L’Esprit.

The Montecristo L’Esprit will bring a 50 x 145mm (50 x 5.7″). For the launch, the cigars were presented with a special commemorative footer band to commemorate the 150th anniversary of S.T. Dupont.

The three humidors represent the different stages of night: Le Crépuscule (Twilight), La Nuit (Night), and L’Aurore (Dawn). S.T. Dupont has also created a set of lighters with the same themes.

The Montecristo L’Esprit collection, of which these magnificent humidors are a part, is inspired by Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Count of Montecristo, which gives its name to the prestigious Habano brand. And together with it, the French lighters and accessories firm for Premium Tobacco aficionados is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Like the humidors presented in Basel, the three chromatic varieties of lighters and accessories that are part of this collection represent the different night stages: Le Crépuscule (Twilight), La Nuit (Night), and L’Aurore (Dawn).

“Habanos, S.A. seeks to always partner with leading brands in their markets, with products that offer something unique and different to its customers, in the end, brands that are up to what is considered the best tobacco in the world,” said José María López Inchaurbe, Vice President of Development at Habanos, S.A. in a press release.

Alain Crevet, CEO of S.T. Dupont, added: “Both Habanos and Dupont are dedicated to elevating craftsmanship to an art form. Together, we are bringing the very best cigars, and the very best smoking accessories in an exceptional Art de Vivre”. He also opined, “this new collaboration with Habanos and Montecristo has been again a pleasure and a flawless experience between our two Maisons.”

Additional details on the launch, pricing, and packaging of the Montecristo L ‘Esprit were not provided.

Photo Credits: Habanos S.A.