Following the closure of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group’s acquisition of Alec Bradley, STG has announced its initial plans for integrating the company. STG has said following an (up to) 90-day transition period, Alec Bradley will be moved under Forged Cigar Company.  In addition, it announced that company founder Alan Rubin will become an advisor, and the company anticipates Alan’s sons Alec and Bradley Rubin will be a part of STG’s handmade business going forward.

In conjunction with Alan Rubin, STG will immediately begin working on an integration planning process for Alec Bradley that will take place in a period of up to 90 days. During this time, it will be business as usual for Alec Bradley. Following the transition period, Alec Bradley will become a part of STG’s Forged Cigar Company. There has been no mention of whether any Alec Bradley sales and marketing personnel will join Forged.

In his role as an advisor, Alan will report to Régis Broersma, president of STG’s North America and Rest of World division. While STG says it expects Alec and Bradley Rubin to join the STG team, specific roles were not disclosed.

In a press release, Niels Frederksen, CEO of Scandinavian Tobacco Group said, “The acquisition of the Alec Bradley cigar business is another important step toward our goal of being the undisputed global and sustainable leader in cigars. Through this impactful, bolt-on acquisition, STG will expand our portfolio of highly-regarded premium cigars and increase sales by continuing to meet the high expectations of Alec Bradley’s loyal consumers in the US and globally. We will also leverage the strength of the Alec Bradley brand portfolio to deliver more excitement to the handmade cigar category, benefitting the cigar enthusiast and our trade partners. We look forward to drawing inspiration from and working with Alan Rubin to uphold the legacy of the Alec Bradley brands.”

“I am extremely excited for the next chapter of the Alec Bradley cigar business and view the acquisition by STG as a pivotal point in the life cycle of the Alec Bradley brands. Our union with STG will further propel the Alec Bradley brands, enhancing our growing position in the market and opening the door to expanded global distribution. Together, we will leverage STG’s resources to bring the Alec Bradley brands to their full potential. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Alec Bradley team and the premium cigar community for their ongoing commitment to the Alec Bradley brands,” added Alan Rubin.

Régis Broersma, president of STG’s North America and Rest of World division added, “The acquisition of the Alec Bradley cigar business will have a transformational effect on STG’s global handmade cigar business. With a more comprehensive blend book and an expanded set of manufacturers in our network, we will deliver unprecedented innovation to our entire portfolio, further enhancing our strong position in the premium cigar space.”

STG announced on February 28, 2023, that effective March 1, 2023, the transaction to acquire Alec Bradley Cigar Company was completed. The transaction includes the Alec Bradley brand portfolio, blend book and other intellectual property, along with product inventory in the US, Canada, and Europe.