Luciano Cigars has announced its Foreign Affair and ATL Cigar Co’s Wise Blood, two releases that were launched at the Total Product Expo (TPE) 2023 in Las Vegas, have been shipped to retailers.

Foreign Affair is a project developed by Luciano Meirelles, CEO and co-founder of Luciano Cigars, in conjunction with Mike Dounoulis (Luciano Cigars’ Regional Sales Manager & Co-founder of Astorian Cigar Co.) and Frank Cossio (Co-founder of Astorian Cigar Co.) The Foreign Affair is an ode to the globalization of the cigar industry and embodies the human connection that overcomes all boundaries in the shared space of experiencing a great cigar.

Cigar News: Luciano Cigars’ Launches Foreign Affair at TPE 2023

ATL Cigar Company’s Wise Blood is the company’s fifth regular production line. It was inspired by the novel of the same name by famed Georgian author Flannery O’Connor which tackles an array of issues from religion, to class, race, and more.

Cigar News: ATL Cigar Co to Release Wise Blood at TPE 2023

Both cigars are produced at the Luciano Cigars factory and distributed by Luciano Cigars.