Under the banner of “Out of the Comfort Zone”, Dave and Coop once again challenge each other. Tonight each will make a personal mix of 13 songs to present to the other. These are songs each is guessing the other has not heard and it’s based on the personal styles of who built the mix keeping in mind the personal style of the receipt. On the show, each will come back with their findings.

Plus we have music news, cigar news, and the Developing Palates Review of the Week! Dave has his own slate of concerts he will be attending and Coop is heading to PCA 2023!

On this episode, Dave smokes the Viaje Skull & Bones Big Ivan and Coop smokes the Micallef Black Robusto.

You can watch the episode in real-time on our YouTube page and it will also premiere on our Facebook page on Monday, July 3rd, 2023, at 8pm ET.

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