Meerapfel Cigar has announced it is rebranding its Selection Meerapfel line as “The Selection.” The rebranded line will be showcased at InterTabac 2023.

“The Selection” has been described as a series of personal blends by the Meerapfel family that have now been made available on a more widespread basis. The company says the offerings under “The Selection” will now be regular production lines. These lines (and pricing) include:

  • MACH (2.90CHF – 4.60CHF)
  • MAE (9.80CHF – 11.50CHF)
  • EE (28.20CHF – 33.90CHF)

Meerapfel Cigar has also confirmed that “The Selection” line will not be available in the U.S. market.  The InterTabac 2023 show opens September 14, 2023, in Dortmund, Germany. Meerapfel Cigars has said another line will be unveiled at the show.