Fuente y Padrón Legends Delayed

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop

The Fuente y Padrón Legends release has been delayed. An end of 2023 release will not happen and the release of Fuente y Padrón Legends is being pushed into 2024.

On Thanksgiving weekend, we reported on Cigar Coop two containers of the Fuente y Padrón Legends shipped from the Dominican Republic. It turns out that during transit to the U.S. one of the containers was damaged. Cigar Coop has confirmed that the damage was uncovered as the humidors were being unpacked from the warehouse. A decision was made to delay the Fuente y Padron Legends release, so that all of the humidors could be properly inspected.

According to Carlito Fuente , it appears that of the containers was dropped causing the outer protection boxes to be smashed. When the teams started inspecting the damage, cartons were found broken as well as some cracks and slits in the boxes. A decision was made to inspect each of the chests, replace whatever packaging materials this would entail, and replace any packaging materials needed. This process came at a bad time as this is the holiday season as reordering packaging takes time.

Photo Credit: Carlos “Carlito” Fuente

Fuente y Padrón Legends was first announced back in 2020. The cigar was unveiled at the 2022 Premium Cigar Association Trade Show. For this project, each principal blended a cigar to honor the other principal’s father. In other words, Jorge Padrón created a cigar to honor Carlos Fuente Sr., and Carlito Fuente created a cigar to honor Jose Orlando Padrón. The cigars come in a collectible 40-count box/humidor featuring two 20-count trays of each blend. Not much is disclosed about the cigars other than each of the two blends will be a 7 x 50 vitola.

This is a developing story. When further information is available, this story will be updated.

Update 12/15/23: Additional information provided by Carlito Fuente