Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

Procigar has announced its charity auction items for the 2024 festival. Each year this auction takes place the final night of the festival. The auction benefits the Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños, the Sociedad San Vicente de Paul, and the charitable initiative “A Home for my Family,” among other non-profit organizations that are oriented to improve the quality of life of people in need. Each year, members of Procigar, as well as artists, donate items that are auctioned off. The auction is hosted by Michael Herklots of Ferio Tego and Manuel Quesada of Quesada Cigars.

2024 Procigar Charity Auction Items

Lot  1: Procigar  Humidor  Designed  by  Arnold André

Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

The humidor can store up to 250 cigars and comes with 50 cigars of Carlos André Airborne and 50 cigars of Carlos André Cast Off. The unit also comes equipped with an electronic humidifier Hydrocase.

Starting Bid: $2,700.00

Lot 2: Welcome Dinner Live Painting by Feliberto Pichardo

Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

Photo Credit: Cigar Coop

This acrylic painting represents the heart of the cigar industry and the experience lived during this year’s Welcome Dinner.

Starting Bid: $1,300.00

Lot 3: The Montecristo Procigar Mar Azul Humidor by Tabacalera de Garcia

Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

This deep blue sea mega humidor has a lustrous piano finish, lined with a premium cedar lining. It contains 100 cigars (50 x 6) of a unique blend created by the Grupo De Maestros at Tabacalera De García and aged for over six years.

Starting Bid: $5,000.00

Lot 4: The Monolith Humidor by Davidoff Cigars

Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

This is made of Moca Creme limestone and offers a safe and odorless home for up to 120 cigars. The humidor is filled with toro cigars from the soon-to-be-launched Davidoff Maduro line. The humidor has the following features:

  • Carved from one single piece of limestone
  • Finished by hand with the utmost precision, made in Italy
  • Equipped with two Davidoff de Luxe Regulators
  • Handcrafted wooden features and dividers on the inside
  • Dampers and specially created hinges for smooth opening and closing

Starting Bid: $10,000.00

Lot 5: Since 1903; Tesoro Centenario by La Aurora

Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

This is a humidor that pays homage to La Aurora’s 120th anniversary. It holds 120 cigars in a Preferidos 1st format. Each cigar is housed in an aluminum tube that represents the first format that left the factory 120 years ago. It also comes with a Xikar cutter and lighter with rose gold details.

Starting Bid: $7,500.00

Lot 6: Mother of Dragons by De Los Reyes Cigars

Procigar 2024 Charity Auction

This mahogany humidor contains 180 cigar Don Julio cigars in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. It includes 180 cigars of the soon-to-be-released Toro limited edition as well as 50 Lanceros, and 40 Belicosos that will only be available in the Celebration Humidors.

Starting Bid: $7,500.00

Lot 7: Cigar Column Humidor by Tabacalera Palma

This handmade humidor was handcrafted in Paris, France, exclusively for the Procigar 2024 auction.

  • Material: Smoked Eucalyptus exterior, Cedar interior.
  • Capacity: Holds up to 120 cigars.
  • Design: Trunk-inspired, with a palladium-finished base.

Starting Bid: $10,000.00

Lot 8: Casa Carrillo Humidor

This humidor is made in collaboration with “Hernandez” and is meant to serve as a functional furniture piece. It has a piano finish and is crafted with mahogany, crotch okoume, and grain leather. The inside of the humidor contains LED lighting.

The humidor contains 75 cigars across three limited editions:

  • Pledge of Allegiance 2023
  • Edición Única I
  • EncoreBlack

The unit also includes Astray Okoume crotch wood and crystal, a cigar cutter with surgical stainless steel 304 blade, and a cigar case of 100% grain leather.

Starting Bid: $10,000.00

Lot 9: Fifty Years of Quesada Cigars

This humidor commemorates 50 years in the premium cigar business for the Quesada family. It includes 110 cigars of the new Quesada 50th Anniversary cigar blended by Manuel Quesada. This includes 100 cigars in a 6 x 56 Toro Prensado cigars and ten 6 x 60 Perfecto cigars.

Starting Bid: $5,000.00

Lot 10: Casa Gómez by La Flor Dominicana

This humidor was made in the shape of a curing barn and was hand-painted by local Dominican artist Wilson Eusebio. It features the upcoming (and soon-to-be-released) La Flor Dominicana 30th Anniversary cigar. It also includes several limited releases from La Flor’s history, many of which have been resting in Tabacalera La Flor’s aging room for more than a decade.

Starting Bid: $20,000.00

Lot 11: Four Night VIP Get Away by Villas Tres Amarras

This is a four-night stay package at exclusive Villa Tres Amarras.  It houses ten people in five guest rooms facing the ocean. It includes a gourmet meal plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner with an open bar. Even more, it includes massages and beauty treatments.

  • Bonfire,  ̈Boho Chick ̈ Dinner, live show at the beach
  • Movies under the stars
  • Karaoke Night
  • Casino Night
  • Sea Fishing (seven people)
  • Full access at a brand new Private Sport Center that includes: Tennis Court, Practice Wall Tennis Court, Pickleball Court, Shuffle Court, Private Jungle Gym and Open Bar

Starting Bid: $11,000.00

Lot 12: Macanudo Humidor Poker Table by General Cigar Dominicana S.A.S.

This unit combines a poker table and a humidor into one unit.  It was designed using Spanish Cedar pieces from an old aging room at General Cigar Dominicana. Inside the humidor are exclusive Macanudo branded chips and decks, as well as spaces to store wine or other beverages.

The unit also contains 100 unique cigars. These cigars were aged in large palm bark-wrapped bales, called tercios. The blend features a Mexican San Andres wrapper over an Indonesian binder with fillers from the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Starting Bid: $10,000.00

Lot 13: OpusX Serie Heaven and Earth Big B Humidor by Tabacalera A. Fuente

This is produced by Prometheus in France. Handmade with the red sycamore veneer, the humidor prominently features the OpusX logo with the special gold-plated “F” and “F” brass emblems on the top.  This humidor includes a special collection of 100 rare vintage Fuente cigars.

  • Outside Veneer: Red Sycamore
  • Inside Veneer: Okume
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 13″ x 8″
  • Storage Capacity of up to 300 cigars
  • Humidification Devices: Four Prometheus Optima humidifiers and one Prometheus Hygro 3 (three functions of digital hygrometer, thermometer, and date/time)
  • The humidor is serial-numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Starting Bid: $20,000.00

Lot 14: Official Procigar Humidor by HumidifGroup and Robert Glick

This is a custom humidor crafter by HumidifGroup and features artwork by artist Robert Glick. The art is inspired by the boxes of cigars designed for the White Night at Prociga 2024.The exterior features sycamore wood stained in blue with a high gloss finish is complimented by its graphic applications of wooden marquetry and gold metal stickers.

Inside, there are twelve individual compartments, autographed by each Procigar member and holding ten exclusive cigars from each factory. The unit also includes a Procigar Metal Ashtray and a Desktop Torch. HumidifGroup ensures the authenticity of each auctioned item by including an HGTag NFC sticker.

Starting Bid: $6,000.00

Lot 15: Boveda 25th Anniversary Humidor

To commemorate its 25 years in business, Boveda worked with renowned Paris-based luxury humidor maker Elie Bleu to craft the Boveda 25th Anniversary Humidor. A total of 25 units have been made, with unit number 5 being auctioned.

The Procigar 2024 Charity Auction is being held on February 23, 2024, in Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic.

Photos supplied by Procigar unless specified otherwise.