Micallef All Saints Splitting

All Saints Cigars and Micallef Cigars are ending their unified sales operations program. Over the next 90 days, a transition will occur to allow each company to pursue its own sales operations strategy. Both parties have told Cigar Coop that they have considered the program successful, and the split is done jointly and amicably.

In August 2023, Micallef and All Saints announced they would unify their sales force under a single team. As a part of the arrangement, All Saints Cigars co-owner Micky Pegg became President of Micallef Sales, running the combined sales team. While the sales teams were brought under one umbrella, All Saints and Micallef have always remained independently owned.

“We express our deepest gratitude to Micky Pegg and Frank Layo at All Saints Cigars for their openness and willingness to engage in this innovative collaboration,” said Micallef Cigars President Dan Thompson in a press release. “Their contributions have been invaluable, and we have all learned a great deal from this unique partnership.”

With the change, Micky Pegg will depart his role as President of Micallef Sales and focus entirely on All Saints Cigars. “Our partnership has culminated in significant achievements, not least the positive reception at recent tradeshows. The entire Micallef team has been supportive and flexible—a pleasure to work with,” commented Pegg. We reaffirm our commitment to all our retail partners and their continued prosperity.”

Both companies will operate jointly until the end of June, focusing on a smooth transition. In a joint statement, they say: “All Saints and Micallef express their gratitude to their teams, clients, and the cigar community for their support during this partnership. We anticipate this new chapter will be marked by continued growth and individual successes, as we independently build upon the strong foundation laid by our collaboration.”