Charlie Brown, he’s a clown……

Charlie Brown is an Indiana State legislator who clearly is a card carrying member of the Pleasure Police.  He’s tried three times to implement a statewide smoking ban in the State of Indiana.  He now is hoping the fourth time is his charm.

The comprehensive part of this is what needs to be of concerns for Tobacco Enthusiasts – namely no public exemptions.  Imagine the impact on Casinos and Cigar Lounges?

Brown is trying to squash the argument about how a smoking ban does not hurt small business.   This guy actually said that no data exists to support the business argument. Brown claims that cities such as New York and Chicago have banned public smoking and “no one has complained about persons being unable to smoke in public places”.    What planet is this guy on?

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has to be watched closely on what he decides to do on this one.  From reading this article, he might be inclined to sign this bill.   He’s a Republican, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a member of the Pleasure Police.

Click here to read this article.   This one really should be watched closely.   It sounds like the CRA will be all over this one soon.