While most of the gripes I’ve had with Cigar Aficionado’s Top 10 are still valid, there were some pleasant surprises in the remainder of the Top 25.  I was pleased there were at least two of my Top 30 sticks to be mentioned.

I didn’t go and comment on every stick, just the ones that I felt were noteworthy.

Rank Cigar Comments
12 Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 50 Years Box Press I’ve had this cigar. I believe the box-press vitola is new for this year, but this is a blend prior to 2010. My buddy Stace loves this stick and named (the non box-press) his Cigar of the Year.  I really liked it too, but also need to try the box-
14 A. Turrent Triple Play Belicoso New stick for 2010. I preferred the Gran Toro size.  Cyberworld did not give this cigar the respect it deserved. This ranked as my #20 cigar for 2010.
15 C.A.O. La Traviata Divino Prior release for 2009, but heard it missed the deadline last year. In my opinion the Interpedo (Churchill size) is the better vitola.  This cigar was my #2 Cigar for 2009.
16 My Father No. 2 Belicoso Not sure if this is a new vitola or not, I had the My Father ranked #12 for last year.
17 Brick House Robusto I did not like this cigar. It also is a 2009 release. Personally I cannot see how this made anyone’s list.
18 Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial While Oliva is a staple of the Cigar Aficionado list, I’m not surprised this made the list, this is is a pretty good stick.
19 Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Toro New stick for 2010. I agree with Cigar Aficionado on the vitola here. This was my #23 cigar for 2010.
24 Casa Magna Colorado Churchill How the mighty have fallen…two years ago the Robusto was #1. I wonder what has happened.  I still prefer the Oscuro that Manuel Quesada came up with.
A few other points as we summarize the Top 25 from Cigar Aficionado:

  1. What a year for Team La Gloria Cubana, yet they were shut out of the Top 25 list on Cigar Aficionado.  This was a shame.  These were 3 of my Top 16 cigars.
  2. The three sticks that I felt were on the bloggers Top 25 – La Aurora 107, Tatuaje Pork Tenderloin, and Liga Privada Dirty Rat were not included.  Although I did not rate the 107 or Pork Tenderloin (I didn’t try the Pork Tenderloin, but was indifferent on the 107), a lot of folks liked these and they should have not be overlooked.
  3. Very disappointed La Palina did not rate on the list – they were two of my Top 7!