CAO American Slyce – Photo linked from CAO
Cigars Facebook page

CAO Cigars has announced on their Facebook page they will be adding a new addition to their CAO Flavours line.  The new cigar will be a limited edition cigar called the American Slyce. The cigar will be offered as a petite corona and a cigarillo – each packaged in a canister tin.

According information based on the Facebook post and and on a retailer’s page, the cigar will have an some apple pie flavor characteristics consisting of a mix of apple and spice flavors.

The cigar is currently shipping at this time. Some retailers are already taking orders for it.

“At a glance”, here is some information of the cigar:

Blend Profile

No details of the blend have been disclosed at this time.

Wrapper: Unknown
Binder: Unknown
Filler: Unknown

Vitolas Available

As mentioned, there will be two vitolas.  Each size will be packaged in a commemorative canister tin that holds 20 units:

Cigarello: 4 x 30
Petite Corona: 4 x 40