House of Emilio, the umbrella organization for which Emilio Cigars handles distribution for other companies has announced the establishment of a “Master Retailer” program.  Information for this program was communicated via a press release by House of Emilio.

Under the program, retailers who participate in the program will carry facings from each brand under House of Emilio.  Participants will receive training for their retail staff on the House of Emilio brands.  According to House of Emilio this will assure customers “the best possible selection from a well-informed and educated staff.”

Under the program, Master Retailer participants will also have earliest access to new product releases as well as extra allocation of limited edition products. In the future the program will be expanded to provide additional value to the retailer and consumer.

“This is an important step for us,” says Emilio Cigars’ Gary Griffith, “in that we are able to be certain that retailer staff is well versed on the profiles of each of the blends in order to appropriately make recommendations to consumers.”

House of Emilio consists of eight brands:

Emilio Cigars
Rodrigo Cigars
Herederos de Robaina
Global Premium Cigars (1502 Cigars)
Ezra Zion Cigar Company 
Epicurean Cigars
Nomad Cigar Company
Bodega Premium Blends (BPB)