The Cigar Industry Report is a one stop place to catch up on the activity here at Cigar Coop and Stogie Geeks. It is a combination of our news reports, cigar reviews, and assessment updates we do throughout the week.  We will also recap what happened on our Stogie Geeks show.  Finally, each week we will look back at Cigar Coop history. Look for this report every Saturday morning at 8am Eastern time.

Welcome Debonaire Cigars to Cigar Coop and Stogie Geeks

We would like to welcome Debonaire Cigars as a sponsor of Cigar Coop and Stogie Geeks. Debonaire Ultra Premium Cigars was developed by Philip S. Zanghi III, founder of Indian Tabac Cigar Company and Daniel Sinclair, founder of Durfort Holdings.  One important characteristic that is absolutely paramount is that when we partner with any of sponsor, we have to believe very strong in the product and services offered.  With Debonaire Cigars, this became a very easy fit.   Debonaire is one of the rising boutiques around.  We look forward to sharing more of what they have to offer in 2014.

Zanghi made a surprise appearance on Episode 79 of Stogie Geeks and made a couple of announcements we have in the news section below.

2013 Year in Review

This week we completed our full 2013 Year in Review.  We have everything listed here for completeness:

Our 2013 Top Award Winners:

Feature of the Week: General Cigar Reduces Facings

This week, retailers were informed of some 260+ discontinued items in the General Cigar Portfolio.  The cuts seemed to be across the many brands and lines that General has.  Last month we reported that Gurkha Cigar Group was planning to discontinue some items.  With many new releases in store in 2014, it is no surprise actions like this are being taken.  We can probably expect to see more facing cuts by other companies throughout the year as space in the retailer humidor gets more competitive.

Meanwhile as the Cigar Industry returned from Christmas/New Year’s break, a bunch of news has surfaced:

News and Previews.

Legislative News

Assessment Update

Stogie Geeks – Episode 79

As mentioned above, Phil Zanghi from our new sponsor Debonaire Cigars made a surprise appearance and gave us some insights into his line of cigars – as well as a look at the future.   We also had Victor Vitale from Legacy Brands as our special guest who talked about the Ora Vivo and Tortuga 215 Reserva cigars.  Vitale also announced on our show that the next Tortuga 215 Reserva Cedro will be a 6 x 50.  Finally we reviewed our Stogie Geeks’ Cigar of the Year selections.

On this date January 11th…