Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust has announced it plans on shipping its initial orders of its first release Sobremesa on November 1st. There will be one change to one of the vitolas in the line. Company founder Steve Saka announced that the 6 x 52 Belicoso Largo will be replaced by a 6 x 54 Torpedo Tiempo.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Saka commented on the change:

“I did NOT like the large format “Belicoso Largo” (6×52) after it aged out… something about the shape and flavor combo that was not perfect imo once it was allowed resting time – in short, it needs work and even though it is a huge hit to the wallet, I am scrapping this vitola.

“I did however love an alternative figurado vitola I crafted, a 6 x 54 torpedo format, once it was fully conditioned. Cigars are a funny thing sometimes, because I really preferred the Beli over the Torp prior to the 3 month mark, but after that I totally flipped. So we have ceased production on the Beli and started production on the TORPEDO TIEMPO – it will replace the belicoso format at no additional cost, however it will not begin shipping until a month later. All Purveyors who ordered the Belicoso Largo will be contacted and given the option of replacing this vitola in their order or canceling it – their choice.

“I have not given up on a Beli format, but I have decided I need a custom mold created to get the leaf positioned differently in the neck and head. I am going to continue working on this until I get this right.”

Saka said that the orders for Sobremesa that because the company recieved an overwhelming amount of orders, they will not be able to fulfill the existing orders. Instead, retailers will receive an equitable share of their first order and the balance will be fulfilled asap. Saka says the company will keep to its plan to make 1,000 cigars per month. Saka said, “my plan was always to make ~1,000 boxes a month until the second capa pilon was fully fermented and ready. DTT is not deviating from this plan.”