Quesada Cigars and MLB Cigar Ventures have announced ta distribution agreement by which Quesada will become the sole U.S. distributor for MLB Cigar Ventures. The move is effective July 1st, 2017.

The agreement covers all brands of MLB Cigar Ventures including Imperia, Imperia Islero, Imperia Aventador, and David P. Ehrlich. The move strengthens the relationship between the two companies in that Quesada handles production for the three Imperia lines (production of David P Ehrlich remains with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s Tabacalera La Alianza).

In a press release announcing the agreement, Terence Reilly of Quesada Cigars said, “Mike has been both a dear friend and partner of our family for several years. As we’ve watched his orders at our factory increase in size and frequency despite the challenges of the current market for new companies, we felt a distribution partnership was a great opportunity for both of us. Between Mike’s business and sales acumen acquired from years in the Investment Management industry and our incredible relationships with our retail partners across the country, we expect massive growth from the partnership.”

Mike Bellody commented, “I am incredibly honored that Quesada Cigars and I have been able to reach this distribution agreement. The obvious business synergies between the two companies create a perfect environment for this to be a hugely successful partnership. This agreement will allow MLB brands to immediately gain distribution throughout the U.S., accelerating our already substantial rate of market penetration and growth. Over the past few years, I have come to think of the Quesadas as family, making this day even more special for me and my company.

Quesada Cigars already handles distribution of Matilde Cigars, the brands of the Seijas family. Recently, Quesada ended its distribution agreement with Regius Cigars.