“Over the years, La Aurora has established itself as one of the iconic factories in the world. This factory has produced many excellent cigars. There have also been times when it produces an epic cigar… I feel very comfortable saying the La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 Corona Gorda Especial is in the epic category.”

Wrapper: Ecuadorian HVA
Binder: Brazilian
Filler: Dominican (Cibao Valley), Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic (La Aurora SA)
Corona Gorda Especial: 6 x 47
Price: $10.00
Review: La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 Corona Gorda Especial
Brand Appearances on Countdown: 3 (20102013, 2017)

Coming in at #2 is the La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 Corona Gorda Especial.  This is s a limited edition cigar released by La Aurora Cigars late in 2016.

The Cosecha 2006 is an extension under the current La Aurora 107 brand, but features an all-new blend. The name “cosecha” translates to “harvest” and it is appropriate for this blend. This is because there are tobaccos from a 2006 vintage incorporated into the blend. It’s a blend that was put together by Master Blender Manuel Inoa at the La Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic.

The blend features an Ecuadorian HVA wrapper, Brazilian binder, and a combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.The cigars were produced in three sizes packaged in ten-count boxes. Because of the finite supply of the tobaccos from the 2006 vintage, production was limited to 1,000 boxes per size. It was the 6 x 47 Corona Gorda Especial that really shined in this blend

As with all La Aurora Cigars, the La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 is distributed exclusively in the U.S. market by Miami Cigar and Company.

This is the third time La Aurora Cigars has landed on the Countdown. The last time La Aurora landed on the Countdown it was with the La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial, a cigar that captured our #1 Cigar of the Year award in 2013. For La Aurora’s distributor, Miami Cigar and Company, it is the fifth time a cigar in their portfolio has landed on the Countdown,

The La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 Corona Gorda Especial delivers notes of mixed fruit, cream, earth, natural tobacco, wood, and some black pepper. The flavors start out medium-bodied and progress linearly into full-bodied territory in the final third. Strength-wise the Cosecha 2006 Corona Gorda starts out medium before moving into medium to full territory in the second third.

There was only one cigar that earned an Oasis rating in 2017, and it was the La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 Corona Gorda Especial. This is an epic smoke and it’s one worthy of being the #2 Cigar of the Year for 2017.


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Photo Credit: Cigar Coop