AJ Fernandez Cigar Company has announced that Starky Arias will be its new marketing director. Arias will assume the position effective March 1st, 2018.

Arias has experience as a creative director for many cigar brands, and its best known for his work at Cigar Rings – which is a company that does cigar band and packaging design for the cigar industry, including working in the past with AJ Fernandez.

“Starky has been our go-to with most of our new brand designs and concepts, whether they are my brands or the collaborations I work on. He and I have always had an amazing working relationship and I finally asked him to join our team” commented company owner AJ Fernandez in a press release.

“Starky is a key addition to the team as our company continues to grow. His experience, knowledge and creativity will lead our marketing department into the future” added company C.O.O. Selim Hanono.

“I want to thank AJ and the entire team for this wonderful and exciting opportunity. It is an honor to join the team and get to work on all of the innovative projects. I’ve seen AJ grow throughout the years and the timing is now perfect” says Arias.