Undercrown Dogma Maduro 2020

For the third consecutive year, the Undercrown Dojo Dogma Maduro, a collaboration done with Cigar Dojo, will be available to Drew Diplomat retailers.

The Dogma was first released in 2014 as a small batch limited production sold initially through Smoke Inn. It’s a  6 x 56 Box Pressed Gran Toro that features a San Andres Mexican wrapper, Connecticut Stalk Cut Habano binder, and a combination of Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fina filler. Dogma is based off the Undercrown Corona ¡Viva!, a slightly tweaked version of the original Undercrown line.

It’s also the second consecutive year Dogma is receiving a packaging change. This year the Undercrown Dogma Maduro will be available in ten-count petaca. This is packaging similar to the Undercrown ShadyXX.

Undercrown Dogma Maduro 2020

The Undercrown Dogma was the first in a long list of shop exclusives companies have done with Cigar Dojo, one of the industry’s leading social media communities.

In 2018, the Undercrown Dogma would return as an annual limited exclusive to Drew Diplomat retailers. The cigars made a return in 2019. While it was originally branded the Undercrown Dogma, it is now being branded as Undercrown Dojo Dogma Maduro.

In addition, Drew Estate will showcase the Undercrown Dojo Dogma Maduro 2020 on a special edition of the company’s Freestyle Live streaming show on June 11th, 2020 at 7pm Eastern.