A plumper version of the Viaje Carolina Reaper is now available. This week the company shipped the Viaje Phat Carolina Reaper It’s the latest installment of Viaje’s popular series paying homage to farm-grown peppers.

While most of Viaje’s “Pepper” series have been 4 7/8 x 50 figurados, the Phat Carolina Reaper measures 5 13/16 x 55.
Like most of the installments of Viaje’s pepper series, details of the blend have not been disclosed. The cigars are packaged in 25-count boxes. Again like most Viaje Cigars, the Phat Carolina Reaper is a small batch release.

The other installments of the Viaje “Pepper” series include: Viaje Jalapeño, Viaje Ghost Pepper, Viaje GP 10.31, Viaje Carolina Reaper, Viaje Scotch Bonnet, and Viaje Phat Jalapeño.

Photo Credit: Viaje Cigar Company