For the past two years, we have looked at the most-read companies on Cigar Coop during a calendar year. As  I have done this, I have been curious to see what the all-time rankings would be. Today, I present these findings.

Doing analytics back to 2010 was not possible. We made a move to the WordPress platform on May 28, 2015. While the Cigar Coop site includes all articles published from the inception of Cigar Coop on August 15, 2010, we were unable to collect analytics prior to the May 28, 2015 date. Therefore these are the rankings for the past seven years. Each year, we will update the all-time rankings on May 28.

  1. Davidoff (includes AVO, Camacho, Cusano, Winston Churchill, Zino)
  2. General Cigar Company (includes Forged)
  3. Drew Estate (does not include Joya de Nicaragua)
  4. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars
  5. Alec Bradley Cigar Company
  6. Tatuaje
  7. Altadis
  8. Arturo Fuente
  9. AJ Fernandez Cigar Company
  10. My Father Cigars
  11. CLE Cigar Company (includes Asylum)
  12. Padrón Cigars
  13. Leaf by Oscar (does not include Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co)
  14. Gurkha
  15. Caldwell Cigar Company (does not include Lost & Found)
  16. PDR Cigars
  17. E.P. Carrillo
  18. La Flor Dominicana
  19. Boutique Blends
  20. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
  21. Warped Cigars
  22. Oveja Negra Brands
  23. La Aurora Cigars
  24. Selected Tobacco
  25. Perdomo Cigars
  26. RoMa Craft Tobac
  27. JRE Tobacco Company
  28. Nat Sherman
  29. Debonaire House
  30. J.C. Newman Cigar Company

Eight Random Notes

  1. If Company A, distributes a separate Company (B), the two companies had their calculations done separately.
  2. Davidoff was easily the winner in terms of overall web-traffic. General Cigar Company was a strong second place over the rest of the pack.
  3. While Drew Estate was third both Drew Estate and General have been strong over the past 5 years. This is something worth watching in future years when we unveil updated rankings.
  4. Nat Sherman includes all data prior to the transfer of the brands to Ferio Tego.
  5. Perdomo and J.C. Newman have had increased coverage over 4 years and have made subsantial gains on the list.
  6. JRE Tobacco Company (2016) is the newest company on the Top 30, followed by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (2015)
  7. Oveja Negra Brands includes Black Label Trading Company, Black Works Studio, and Emilio articles prior to the formation of the Oveja Negra Brands umbrella.
  8. As much as people would say there is a “Boutique Revolution,” our data indicates otherwise – namely our audience looks to the larger brands.