When one goes into the Quality Importers Trading Company booth a the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show, it is like attending a trade show within a trade show. Each year walking through the Quality Importers booth is almost like shopping at Macy’s at Christmas time – there is probably some cigar accessory for just about everyone who walks through there. This year it was a little easier going through the Quality Importers booth as the company focused on three brands: Humidor Supreme, Palió, and Xikar. The company also continues to show off its Swag Bunker – the customization arm of Quality Importers that provides capabilities to personalize many Quality Importer offerings for retailers, manufacturers, or just about anyone.

Humidor Supreme

There were several new offerings in desktop, cabinet, and commercial humidor offerings. One common theme was the branding as each of these new units featured leaf engraved panels inside the units. This was a key step in better brand identification of a Humidor Supreme unit.

PCA 2023: Humidor Supreme


Quality Importers declared 2023 the “Year of the Palió” and with good reason. There were several new products that were introduced at this year’s PCA Trade Show. Over the past few years, Palió has become a value-priced brand for cutters and lighters in the Quality Importers portfolio. When Xikar was acquired, that would become the more premium line of cutters and lighters. This year Quality Importers decided to introduce a series with a price point in between the Palió and Xikar series known as Palió Pro. At the same time, a new value-priced lighter known as the Palió Pistola was introduced. In fact, a Pistola was handed out to all attendees of the PCA Opening Night Party.

PCA 2023: Palió


Last year Xikar celebrated its 25th anniversary and was a featured brand by Quality Importers at the 2022 PCA Trade Show. This year was a bit lower key from Xikar, but one intriguing product is the new double-torch Xikar Ion. There also is the new Xikar Xi Perfect Cut series that currently is a Smoke Inn exclusive, but will see a national release in 2024. Finally, Xikar has partnered again with Jacob & Co for some ultra-premium one-of-a-kind accessories.

PCA 2023: Xikar

Special Post PCA Interviews

Prime Time Show Interview with Michael Giordano; CEO of Quality Importers Trading Company

On Prime Time Episode 278, we had an extended interview with Michael Giordano, who is Quality Importers CEO. This is one of the first podcasts Michael has ever done.

Note: Due to age restrictions, you might have to click on “Watch on YouTube” below.


El Oso Fumar Interview with Jimmy Miudo; Vice President of Product Design, Quality Importers Trading Company

On El Oso Fumar Take 261, Jimmy Miudo, Vice President of Product Design, was the special guest. If you are unable to watch the embed, click here.

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop

Video Credits: Cigar Coop (Michael Giordano), El Oso Fumar (Jimmy Miudo)