Starting today, Will Cooper will be doing a string of seven podcasts in six days in a host or guest capacity. Here is the schedule:

  • October 22: Prime Time Episode 161: Robert Holt, Southern Draw Cigars (Host)
  • October 23: Smoke Night Live: Cigar Stock Market (Guest)
  • October 24: KMA Talk Radio Episode 396: Ernesto Perez Carrillo Jr. (Guest)
  • October 24: Prime Time Jukebox Episode 21 – Album Archaelogy #4 (Host – show airs Oct 26)
  • October 25: #ElOsoFumarTakes #Take142 (Guest)
  • October 26 Pylons and Sticks (Guest, Hosted by former St Louis Rams Vice President Tony Softl – Recorded, date TBD)
  • October 27: Prime Time Special Edition 86: Tony Bellatto

This post will be updated with links where to catch the shows.