Make that three PCA (Premium Cigar Association) Exclusive Cigars in 2023 for C.L.E. Cigar Company. At the 2023 PCA Trade Show opening on July 7,  C.L.E. will introduce the Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023. This cigar joins the C.L.E. PCA Exclusive 2023 and the Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023 – all from C.L.E. Cigar Company.

Asylum has done PCA Exclusives in 2021 and 2022. The Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 is a different blend than previous years. The cigar features a Maduro wrapper. Like the C.L.E. PCA Exclusive 2023 and the Eiroa PCA Exclusive 2023, the Asylum PCA Exclusive 2023 incorporates binder and filler tobaccos from C.L.E.’s South American farm.

“The Asylum brand was made for those looking for extra strength in their smoking experience. This Asylum delivers and more. The combination of strength and flavor will offer a unique and satisfying smoking experience for the Asylum smoker. This unique flavor is born out of the tobacco from our new farm. The C.L.E Cigar Company will be very bullish going forward with this tobacco from our new South American farm,” commented Christian Eiroa in a press release.

The cigars are offered in four sizes: 50 x 5 (SRP $17.00), 11/18 (SRP $18.00), 52 x 6 (SRP $18.00), and 60 x 6 (SRP $19.00). Each is presented in 20-count boxes. A total of 3,000 cigars (150 boxes) per vitola have been produced. As in previous years, the top of the box doubles as an ashtray.

Photo Credit: C.L.E. Cigar Company