At the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show, Steve Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust showcased several new lines, but the one that was front and center was Mi Querida. This is a cigar that according to Saka is the type of cigar most people have expected from him.

Saka says Mi Querida as a very different cigar than Sobremesa, his debut release with Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. He described the cigar as more gritty and a bit dirtier – but at the same time full of flavor. This profile also plays into the cigar’s name. When translated literally “Mi Querida” means “my dearest”, but it is also a term commonly referred to a husband’s mistress. In particular, in Nicaragua it refers to one’s “secret mistress” (since it is often common for a wife to know about the mistress”). This secret mistress is the “dirty little secret” and thus plays into the connection of the cigar’s profile.

As for the cigar itself, Mi Querida utilizes a wrapper that many will often associate with Saka – Connecticut Broadleaf. The remainder of the blend is all-Nicaraguan. For Mi Querida, Saka chose to use NACSA (Nicaraguan American Cigar S.A.) to handle production of his blend. Back when Saka launched Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, he had selected Joya de Nicaragua to make Sobremesa, but also stated he would not be single factory focused. This is what he said at the time he launched his company:

Unlike most cigar companies, we will not be single factory focused. I have learned over the years there is no one single factory that is the best, but rather there are many great factories and each has its own unique attributes from its personnel, methodologies of fermentation, inventories of leaf and/or construction techniques that make each of them capable of creating something exceptional. My approach will be to select an individual factory based on its inherent strengths, incorporate my own skills and selected leaf and to create something that elevates together the art of handmade cigars.”

From a packaging standpoint, Saka went simpler compared to Sobremesa. This decision was made to keep the Mi Querida under ten dollars.

There are four sizes of Mi Querida that were available for pre-order. In addition, there are an additional four “limited quantity” sizes planned as well.

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust says  Mi Querida begins shipping this week in order to comply with the pending FDA regulations.

At a glance, here is a look at Mi Querida by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust:

Blend Profile

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Nicaragua (NACSA)

Vitolas Available

The following are the four regular offering by Mi Querida. Each of these are offered in 20 count boxes:

Fino Largo: 6 x 48
Ancho Corta: 5 x 52
Ancho Largo: 6 x 52
Muy Gordo Grande: 6 x 56

The following are the four limited offerings that are planned. All are planned to be in 20 count boxes except for SakaKhan and Mas Sucia which are planned to be in 10 count boxes.

Pequeno Pequeno: 4 x 44
Gordita: 4 x 48
SakaKhan: 7 x 50
Mas Sucia: 7 x 64

Photo Credits: Cigar Coop